Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hi guys, I have done a story board for my folio, adn I would really love some crits, adn changes I can do to it to fine tune it- I didnt want to clog up the blog with all the images, so here is a link to the PDF.

Toupe fight

please down load it and view it, it is really poor quality in google docs. thanks for lookin and Id really love to hear any surgestions for changes and tweaks.


  1. I am not really an expert in boards, so I can only say I love it! :D
    Nice and various camera angles, good dynamic poses and awesome story!
    Cool stuff man!
    My only crit would be, its a bit too long to put it into a portfolio - though I am not sure how storyboard portfos work... <:)

  2. thanks mark, yeah it is very long for a portfolio even if i manage to fit 8 pannels per page, its still 5 pages :( how is home mate?

  3. Strong stuff Ben!
    Nice drawing style for boards, I agree with Mark regarding angle choices, gestures and story(telling).
    Love panel 11!
    Only small crit and it might be a style thing, I would have loved a high wide establisher somewhere, maybe when they're circling each other just to get a clear sense of the space. It was a delicious beat to hit panel 27 because you raised our perspective up and gave us a bit more breathing room to take in the space. Please don't misunderstand, this may sound like I'm implying your shooting too tight or too claustrophobically, not the case. Just looking for a clear sense of the geography, if that makes sense.
    Depending on how you're showing your portfolio, I wouldn't worry about the length. This length is fine for Web, iPad, PDF, or animatic presentation. If you're printing pages, it's a bit big(I've shown way bigger), but the client may not(have to) go thru it all, but you do want to present the entire sequence. If your printing, 3 panels stacked on an 8x11 is only 14 or so pages with a cover sheet, heck you're designing a sequence, they need to see the sequence.
    Here's the deal, if they like you're stuff, they will go thru the whole piece, Mark and I both went thru this to the end, not because we like you(Mark doesn't, he talks you down all the time:)) but because the piece is strong and we liked it. The client will too!
    Keep up the killer work.

  4. thanks Brian, that is great feed back, it will make for some effective changes, thanks guys :)

    ps. you right about mark, no love lost between us, anything nice I have said about him is a lie :)