Thursday, May 10, 2012

here are a couple of charachters- lord Cthullhu, adn his scribe Welesly, I think I might have over thought and over painted both of them, Id love some crits :) paintovers would also be very welcome.


  1. Wow! Really love the Lord Cthulhu with the extra limb. Just curious, what is hanging out of Cthulhu? Hair? What ever it is, it looks good. :D

  2. hey thanks guys, the bottom half of him is bassed off a microscopic isopod, so it is a mass of really fine tentacles hanging out the bottom of him.

  3. Awesome man!
    Love the demon - you might add more tentacles fading out to the background and I would separate it more from the ground to see he is really floating in mid air (you just need a lighter patch between the body and the casted shadow beneath)
    The guy is also really cool, but the bottom part of the costume seems a bit too stiff - I can`t really imagine him moving around. His arms are looking a bit short, but it might be only because of the proportions of the dress, not sure.
    These are just minor things, they are looking great already!