Monday, June 18, 2012

city atmosphere

hey guys i did this enviro last week, I originally did a 45 speed paint, then I thought teh compostion was working so i put in another few hours detailing it up adn doing some rough designs for the ships- Id love some crits :)


  1. I like your idea and comp. I would just group your values more, they seem to be spotty. Make the foreground all one dark value, the middle ground a dominant lighter value, etc.

    The hanging building remind of hanging trees which is pretty cool. I would work on your values and figure out a design language. That tall building on the left stands out a bit. Overall pretty cool!

  2. Hey looking good as always.
    Ed makes a good point, another issue I have is.... it's a little hard to make out the time of the day. If i look at the left building, it looks like it's at night, and else where looks like it's at a different time. I think it needs a clearer light source overall. or Street lights from the bottom... hope it helps lol like the idea and the detail. :D

  3. Like the ide and the overall composition, but it needs a clear light source what could define the space more clearly - as Takumar said. I would also retouch the texture elements, because at some points they are adding too much detail and bringing away the focus from the story.
    Just my two cents though...

    Oh, and the new header is totally awesome, Ben! You rock! :D

  4. thanks guys really good crits as always, a great help :)