Friday, August 10, 2012

Been a While

Hey Guys 

Sorry for not posting sooner. Some amazing work being done here!

Here are some drawings and concepts that I have done recently:


  1. Looove someone who can draw lol
    One suggestion is maybe doing a bit of photo texturing in ur pieces. the ideas are great but I'm starting to see a style. Something my mentor told me and currently I'm working on is to not have a style. Just my two cents :p

  2. Love it Pete! I hadn't seen the last piece yet, it's great! Love the lighting and rendering and the fact you didn't use absolute black, which makes it more dreamy (like the look on his face I guess, haha).

  3. Love the concept, feel & the direction in the top 2 pieces!

  4. Sweet stuff Pete! I love the various subjects / directions.
    Would be cool to see some of them really finessed out or at least push slightly further the most interesting parts to give them a more clear focal point.

    @Jeremiah: I keep hearing from art directors and from veteran concept guys that they are really pissed about all the youngsters are working the same way and they don`t have their own personality at all.
    It could be an disadvantage when you are only getting into the industry of course, but it definitely pays back on the long run. My experience is that clients always hired me, because of the style of my artworks. Anyway, its just my opinion...
    All I wanted to say is I love Pete`s style and I think its a great fit to that segment of the industry, what he is aiming for. :)

  5. Thanks guys!
    Jeremiah- Thanks man! I think what you mean is don't be confined by your style, which I totally agree with :). I think it is healthy to break away from your style and try new things. So I'll try and work on that :)

    I also agree with Mark- In the end of the day I think it is good to have your own voice to set you apart from everyone else.
    Thanks Mark! I really believe that is my major problem - Not bringing things to another step of finish and that has allot to do with not being comfortable with Rendering and allot of finishing techniques that really make a piece really sing. So that's what I need to work on for sure.

    Does anybody know any good art competitions that you can compete in? I would be interested in trying my hand at some as good practice but also to get my work out there a bit :)