Monday, August 20, 2012

coke can pod racer

hey, I am working on a few illustrations at the moment that while still being the fun stuff i like to paint they have some appeal to a commercial market. this one i thought up remembering how exited I used to get drinking coke when I was a kid.

I am a bit stumped as for what to put in the foreground? weather it needs somw more interesting elements close up or if i should leave it. Id love any other crits you have too. Cheers.


  1. Looks like lots of fun & pretty cool already!! Really like the 'wings' unfolding out the back. I'd possibly just crop it a bit, a little more off the sides, to make the can even more of a focal element. Then add a bit lighter (soft) highlights on can & some slight motion trail indications (red or white) out of some rear elements to hint of speed. Maybe add a bit of coke red to hair of guy to harmonize it & make the light blue trail behind can more saturated. (to add some temp. contrast) Not sure it will work, just my take on it:)

  2. Lookin sweet bro!
    The only thing I wanna add to Ben`s comment is to use sharper and more defined shapes and outlines, if you are aiming for the commercial market. You can even push the saturation a bit further I think. Lets say, if you think its looking cool, you still have to add 20% of cheesiness on top and they will love it. :D
    Just my two cents though...

  3. I really like the image overall!
    The two foreground elements are looking really similar in shape and I think it would help if they were different. Some ideas that spring to mind a sign, some barrels, a cowboy, a horse.

    I also think you need to work on the characters face a bit more. It sounds harsh but I think she looks like a burn victim.....she has no nose :O.

    Hope this helps

  4. thanks guys, yeah i was always intending on tightening up the chatachter a bit more and really making her pop, and thanks pett i will give her a nose- thanks againI will post the final when it is done so ya'll can see the changes.