Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Dune - Fremen Settlement (wip)

New piece for my Dune project based on one of my previous comp sketches - still work in progress, but I thought post this to get the flow going... :)
I would love to hear your thoughts about how could I push this further.


  1. Looks awesome Mark,you may already be working on it but maybe some material break-up?

  2. Thanks Taku! Yeah, more materials is always good. I also wanna add hanging clothes what they use as extra shade and cover against the sandstorms.

  3. Very strong, love your marks, great horizontal kinetics to the strokes.
    You should think about becoming an artist!

  4. hey bro, love it as always- remember james was always saying try and indicate what is off screen- so maybe if the viewer is further inside a canyon looking out to where is opens up more you could show that, or some cast shadow over your architecture in the distance as the light is coming from left of screen.

    Id love to see a definite focal point in your middle ground too, just one part of it that is lit up internaly?

    love it though, Im always in awe of your stuff, these are just surgestions.

  5. Thanks Ben! Great suggestions!
    (sent you an email about the paintover... ;) )