Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zombie combat vehicle

I did a illustration for a buddy of mine and I had OH so much fun!


  1. Cool Jeremiah, little hard to read but great mood.
    Is that a plow/cow-catcher on the front?
    Are the Zombies ZBrush also?

    You're a force dude!

  2. Lol noo wanted to go traditional photoshop on this one. Im doing a zombie zbrush as we speak so ill post that one when im done lol. And yeaaaah looking at it .ow the zombies need to be dark for the FG element. Thanx brian!

  3. You have a cool mood on this one man.
    Only one thing, but it might be just me:
    Because of the design of the machine resembles a big smiling face, somehow it seems everybody is laughing hysterically in the scene. lol It just clicked once and now I can`t see the picture any other way dude... <:D
    Not sure you need to fix this though, as this makes the image unique. :)

  4. Hi, great idea and mood. The industrial look and texture are nice. How about showing the whole vehicle design or maybe at a different angle. You also hit the archetype successfully so good job on that. I would just make your bg, mg and fg more defined and easy to read. Good stuff!