Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Bug Hunter - Final

I finally finished this one... The two creatures sculpted, posed, polypainted and lighted in ZBrush and then overpainted the whole scene in PS.


  1. Yeeeheaaaah!! Why are ur environments so prrtty all the time :( lol

  2. Niceeeee. Immediately can sense a story between the creature and his "pet" I assume? If you're aiming for a Hunter & Gatherer archetype then its working perfectly. Are those his eggs he's carrying? If not, that could be a cool idea. The only crit I have is I think his neck muscles are too stiff. Looks like he is sniffing at something. Other than that great work. Love the environment setting.

  3. Thanks Ed! Yeah man, you got the story perfectly. Its the hunter and his pet and the stuff he is carrying are the maggots he is gathering from the giant bugs he hunts down (protein, bro!).
    You are probably right about the neck muscles btw, I noticed I have a tendency to make them more stronger / stiffer than they seem natural...