Monday, June 18, 2012

Industrial Environment

Hey everyone,

Taking James Paick's env design this term at CDA and its awesome as always. Here's a steel foundry env. i did. Feel feel to leave some feedback.



  1. I really like it man, no crits but i would love to see you taake to it with some colour

  2. Hey Ed, looks awesome. My initial response was WOW!

    Can't wait for the color :D lol

  3. Yeah man, lookin great so far!
    My only comment would be to pump up the light source on the left (behind the wall) a bit to have a secondary focal point. Or you could introduce another light in the very foreground (light coming from outside the image) to make light-dark-light-dark rhythm. Just my two cents though... :)

  4. Oh hey, we're on this blog together. I think you need to lose the big black tub and lower the bottom fence thing to pull out the silhouette of that guy. I would also reexamine the structure, some of the architecture doesn't feel very grounded.

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys! That's a good idea Mark, I have to keep that rhythm in mind. Hey Jonathan, yeah I think i just might erase that silhouette all together and put him some place else. Good eye.

    Really good tips, I'll try to update; thanks a lot guys.