Wednesday, June 27, 2012

tech sniper

hey guys, I did a sniper charachter, I would love some crits>


  1. looks totally legit man! i like the overall palette. it's subtle and maybe a tad bit expected but that's what we need for this type of character.

    the design of the headgear is strong. the only thing i think could use work is the weapon. maybe? the part he is holding doesn't seem to match the front end. since i don't know the technology you are trying to convey it just seems, at first glance that maybe the front end wouldn't necessitate such a bulky gunstock. form fits function.

    other than that good job on a believable and fun character!

  2. Yeah! I like it overall. Some really nice shapes going on.

    I definitely have issues with the gun. He is holding it in the shoulder holster part. How would this guy hold the gun when you shoots it?

    Perhaps you could push the whole sniper guy thing. Maybe his visor could be augmented to attach to the scope of the gun?
    Maybe some Camo - Doesn't have to be a full guillie suit but something the shows that he blends in with the environment.

  3. A quick fix for the gun could be to just extend the back of it so it fits to his shoulder :)

  4. thanks guys a huge help, Im not very educated about firearms so that is deffinetly stuff I would have over looked. I will do some fixes for sure.