Monday, July 2, 2012

Some speedies...

Hey fullaz,
I am still alive, I am just a bit swamped with client work atm... anyway, thought I toss up some speedpaintings I have done recently to keep the blog alive. (Some of you might seen these here and there though...) Mostly class demos for my students mixed with personal lunchtime shitz, somewhere between 40-60mins each. Hope you dig & take care Specialz! ;P


  1. These are so cool. i love the rocks and the first piece with the big plant thingy : )

  2. those look awesomw mark, loving the two latest dune ppieces. the only crit is on teh underwater one your values seem to get very light off into teh distance, which makes it look like it is in the atmosphere instead of under water. i love teh design of teh jelly fish though. thanks for keeping it going mark, Im keen to keep it going too.

  3. Great job! It has a nice first-look impact which is always good.

    The first one is my favorite and looks to be the most refined.
    The vertical underwater piece has an interesting composition and nice use of the jellyfish. I like the last two but they just need to be more refined. The last one def has some potential but right now it has too much photo. The 2nd to last one is too blown out with the white, maybe just indicate some background. The third to last is really is abstract but strangely enough i like it. Good stuff!


  5. Bah! Love it! Wish I could paint like that!!

  6. @cano, @Jeremiah, @Pete : cheers dudes!

    @ben : yeah man, you are right. it has more of an aerial perspective feel instead of the `blurred edges in the distance` type of underwater feel.

    @ed : thanks! haven`t really planned to bring any of these further though - these are more just creative exercises about composition / lighting / etc. <:)