Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've not posted before, but I really love this blog and don't want to see it die!

So I thought I'd post some stuff myself. Sorry for not having posted anything yet, but I will post more stuff in the future.
I'm currently in a super 'everything I make' sucks mode, so this might help as some motivation or something, haha :P.

Some mechanical stuff:

'Evolution' of the barrier-mech:

Some sketches:

I really suck at environments, so I'm trying to do a lot of environment thumbs. I don't render them out because I'm just not satisfied with any of them (got more of them, but don't really like them).

Do any of you guys have this problem sometimes? You create some thumbs and you want to render one out, but you basically hate all the thumbs so you stay in that process? What do you do to get out of it? I'd like some advice, I'm stuck and I don't feel I'm producing anything useful lately, even though I'm drawing a lot.

Anyway, sorry for never posting, but I will from now on! I think this blog is awesome and it should stay active!



  1. lol hey Wouter, I feel you man. I have that problem as well... sometimes the idea i thought i had ends up being crap lol I mean I usually go out and look for inspiration when this happens, I don't know if this is of any help.

    btw your environments are good. Nice color too

  2. I think we experience the same thing all the time... you have to get through a pile of shit artworks to make one good one. and after a month or so even that one seems crap lol :D - its absolutely normal.

    Actually after not seeing your stuff for 2-3 months, I can really see you are getting better and better mate. Seriously. I think the vehicles and mechs are seriously cool and I really like how all your designs are coming together into one world on the first concept you posted.

    For the enviros: What I have been doing (and still am sometimes) is doing a bunch of thumbs with a seriously limited time and work in black and white. The key to paint successful enviros is to have a cool composition and to capture the light and atmosphere right with your values. If you work in b&w and limit the time for lets say 10-15mins tops, you have to force yourself to focus only on these main principles.
    In 10mins nobody wants you to produce a masterpiece, but its much easier to create a more fresh and dynamic base. After you made 25-30 of these, just pick the best one or two and detail those further. A good thing to keep in mind to always do something different. I mean, if you do a scifi interior for the first thumb, do a fantasy battlescene in the mountains for next and so on... Vary the subjects, pov-s, genres, seasons, time of day, etc - I am sure you know what I mean.

    Just my two cents though - hope it helps!

    Keep on pushing bro and can`t wait to see your next post! ;)

  3. Thanks guys! Really good advice and I'm glad we all share the same issues ('glad' is a bad word I guess, but I mean now it feels like we're all together in it).

    I'll definitely go out and try these suggestions, I think they're great. Going outside and just looking for inspiration, I don't think I've done that on purpose but it sounds great. Same with the environments with a tight timeframe, sounds great!

    Thanks guys!

  4. hey mate, great to see some of your stuff again, adn it looks killer i rekon, esp the red cockpit. when I get stuck at the start of an illustration(which is all the time) I find changing my medium helps alot, especially if your working digitally, do your thumbs with pencil and paper, really fast and really loose.

    it helps me sometimes anyway.


  5. Sweet work Wouter! That bottom Enviro has allot of potential :)

  6. Thanks guys! I've starting sketching some quick stuff in my sketchbook again, really helps! Thanks Ben!