Monday, October 1, 2012

Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Returns"

Had allot of fun with this one. Good way to spend a rainy day inside :)

Its a redesign of Frank Millars power suit that he uses to fight Superman:

If you haven't read this comic do it! It's great!


  1. looks so sweet man, I see your getting loads of love on ozcomics:)- i would love to see hints and flicks of teh detail you have on the right arm, from teh photo textures, all over the suit, sort of evenly dispersed. that is all though, it looks killer.

  2. I really dig the bulky design of the suit Pete - looks awesome!
    My only crit would be that it would be better to see it in an action pose to have a more interesting silhouette. But this is more about the image as an illustration, as a character / armor design it kicks ass! :)

  3. Wow Pete, looks crazy good man!
    One crit from me would be maybe to add some breaks on big shapes just to create an illusion of detail. Not 100% if it works but yeh lol

    But love the overall feel of it!

  4. Love it Pete! It's also super cool that he's hooked into the lantern pole to charge, that's awesome! :D