Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey Guys,
I decided to render some of the environment thumbs out a bit for a new project.

I'm also working on a character for in the project's environments:


  1. Loooove the enviros man! Great stuff!

  2. Yeah, the enviros are killer man!
    I think you really need to work on the pose of that space suit guy. He is not telling me anything about his character. I have been designing a bunch of characters for a job at the moment and I am finding that giving them a nice pose (It can be very subtle) and a compelling facial expression really sells them. Brings me to another point, When you are designing character, spend most of your (rendering) time on the face. It is amazing to be how finished a character drawing looks if the face is tightly and carefully drawn. Must be the way we perceive people or something smart like that :P

    Also, I think detailing out his space suit will help. I want to see how this bad boy works!