Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haunted Stories Project

A current project I'm currently working on.
The design got canned so i can upload it LOL
Anyways enjoy!

Revision render after crit. Took out the bottom limbs because it bothers the creatures movements


  1. Cool stuff man! Dig the weird anatomy.
    Actually I just wanted to say that the bottom limbs could be in the way of it`s movements when I seen the edit lol. :D
    The only thing I would add is maybe a bug-like abdomen to the bottom of the creature - it could balance out it`s upper body nicely.

  2. Ooh yeah, i see ur point that would make it creepier yeah i like that lol. Ill prolly make a series of this design cuz i like it. ill definitely use that. Thanx for the input mark :)