Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi guys, these are the two final illustrations done for a medical journal here in the UK. the first is relating to an article about Mesotherapy, a cosmetic procedure involving injections of proteins into the epidermal layer of body fat. The editor really like the background from my sketch I posted earlier and asked to try and work it into my final design. there was a bit of a Robh Ruppel inspired asthetic- that guy rocks my world

the second is related to an article about an internal investigation into care homes in Britan.

hope your all well- Ben.


  1. Sweet stuff Ben! I really like the subtle palette you are using.
    Its great to hear you are back in Europe btw, when we gonna catch up somewhere for a beer or two? :)

  2. So cool! Dot't know what to say lol It's awesome!