Monday, November 26, 2012

Recent Speedies

Hey folks, Here are some color studies and composition sketches I have done recently...


  1. Fantastic! Such Variety! I love the composition and the colours in the Martian moon landscape! Very inspiring stuff Mark.

    I can't say anything in critique. One thing that you could practice is pure landscape drawing (or design) just using line. Sparths new Tumblr is rocking my socks off No fluff just pure design.<--the master

    Has some little notes on design too. gold!

  2. Love the mountain and morning hunt, love the mood. I like your design intentions, but I agree with Pete and also in terms of draftmanship. I think just organising some of the perspectives will make it even better. It already is good but had to say something lol

    Awesome dude! :D

  3. Cheers guys and thanks for the crits! Yeah, I definitely have to focus more on the design part.
    I am also planning to do more studies based on photo refs and movie stills... its just hard to find the time hahah...
    Yeah Pete, Sparth`s Tumblr is pure awesome, that guy is a machine.