Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Sketching

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted for a while

I would love to show you some of the work that I have been doing for my day job. Probably the best work that I have ever done :)

Anyway here are some drawings that I did on the weekend:

...Feel like I have rediscovered drawing again :)


  1. I saw the second one on face book, but the first one pete, wow I love it! so dynamic and balanced, even though it is a sketch I feel like I could pick it up like its a little maquette cause the volumes feel so good!- I know its just a sketch but one thing I remember jerad marrantz saying in class, is to put detail in the creatures joints,and where ever there is movement, wrincles etc to really sell the image to the audience.

    Love it bro!

  2. These are awesome Pete, great sketches! My fav is the first one, great value handling, sweet proportions, good design... :)

  3. Damn awesome Pete! I know it's a sketch so not sure how much time you spent on it but maybe just some attention to the focus points with details, textures and such.

    They are cool!!

  4. NICE :) your proportions in the first one is the strongest of all, but the other two are a little lacking. Well its most likely because the last 2 are so humanoid that people identify it like there's something wrong. But as sketches they look great!

    Additional note for the first sketch the "tri-leg" should have a toe hanging from the last section of the leg anatomical wise. From the muscle formations it looks like more of a mammal humanoid creature so a toe close to its "heel" would work but other than that FABULOUS work :p