Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a long absence.

Hi Guys well it has been ages, I have just moved to london, and it has been a busy few months.

These images, Starting on the top, 2 preliminary designs for an illustration job for 2 medical magazines, neither of these were chosen for the final, I will post the finals once they have been published. Next two are fun for my folio, one of my nice and one of London, then a couple of sketches for Oz comics on Face book, on the left I had some fun redesigning the iorn man suit. And lastly a sketch from my local cafe this morning in london.

I hope your all well, look foward to seeing more of your work soon. Ben.


  1. Awesome stuff Ben! My favs are your personal pieces, they are so fresh and playful - I think you really leveled up bro! :)

  2. Definitely leveled up! Loving the feel of that Alien one

  3. Man I love your color, they look awesome!! It's really fun looking at them, brings joy :D lol

    I think the main crit will be the perspective, it's harder to tell on organic shapes but more obvious on the hard surface. Can be simplified and organised by having relationship lines. Hope it helps.