Saturday, April 21, 2012

Studies and doodles

Hi everyone, nice to see everyone's work. Really inspiring stuff. Thought I do something cute to contrast the ugly stuff ha. The soldier is a study and a work in progress.

Oh and thanks for the invite Mark! I'll try to keep up with you guys. Also I'll start commenting on people's stuff soon.


  1. hey nice tones and colour on the fabric, especially the top half, I love the saturation on the sleve that catching the full effect of the light. watch out for your figure though, right now he would fall over, his legs arent taking his weight- try fliping your image while you work?

  2. Looking cool so far man! Love the color palette.
    Be careful with the balance and it also feels there are some problems with the anatomy around the arms.
    Welcome on board Ed!

  3. Looks great Ed, just a small comment on drapery. Maybe try and avoid using straight flat lines on it, especially on the edge. :D

  4. Wow thanks guys! Real good advice, wasn't aware of any those.