Friday, May 18, 2012

New Dune shiz wip and Rpg illo dump

Hey folks,
The first is The Reverend Mother scene from Dune - I am kinda stuck with this speedie, so would be great to get some crits.
The second is the finished version of the previous Dune piece - cheers for all the feedback dudes, especially Master Ben ;) ...
The rest is a pack of rpg illos, what got green light recently from the publishers - Warhammer 40k, ShadowRun and BattleTech stuff...


  1. Love it Mark.
    If anything, perhaps bump the contrast on the RevMom up a bit, maybe hit her and the box in her hand with some spots from in front of her. Maybe a smaller secondary spot on the other guy.
    Let me get really crazy and suggest considering gold fringe on the edges of the red carpet to better bridge the negative space between the two subjects.
    My, quite trash-able, two cents!