Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Concept sculpts and other concept stuffs

Hey folks, I thought I share some of the speedsculpts / ZB sketches I have done recently. The first three was about an hour each, the last one is a bit more detailed and done for an article in ImagineFx (coming out this month`s issue I think...).
Beside those I thought I post some of my older works, what just got green light from publishers.
Whats up with you fellaz? Any news? Any new awesomeness you can share with the great interwebs? <:-)

Locus Origin - The Market
2011-2012 © Locus Origin
Junk World
2012 © TORN / Franklin Gander
Eclipse Phase: Rimward - Locus Amoeba
2012 © Posthuman Studios
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - T16
Star Wars and all associated elements are © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.
Locus Origin: Merillian - Cover Art for the Book
2011-2012 © Locus Origin
Locus Origin - The Sheshen Race
2011-2012 © Locus Origin
Locus Origin - The Neroku Race
2011-2012 © Locus Origin


  1. Wow! Crazy amount of work! Super inspiring stuff!!

  2. Love that tribal creature! Awesome stuff man!! Time really flies....10 days to go, and it's goodbye Pasadena ....

  3. some pretty impressive work inhere!!

  4. Awesome stuff Mark, your work ethic is crazy! It's always super inspiring to see how much work you do, really gets me motivated again!

  5. Cheers for all the kind words guys!