Friday, December 7, 2012

Color and Composition Sketches

Some speedies for fun and practise between client works...


  1. really anice as always mark:) especially the top one, i some times feel that you dont contrast teh amount of detail you have across your image, and i think the top one here is so cucessfull because of teh lack of detail on the structures in the distance and lack of detail on your forground elements really makes you midground pop.

  2. I agree with Ben on the crit abt the detail control on the first one, but honestly I think your last piece is the best one. It's got the perfect composition. The foreground is placed perfectly and has the most detail and your eyes just glide through the piece. I found the last one easiest to look at. The first one Hmm if it were me I would maybe control the lighting that's coming from under the buildings to like a lighting that goes from the foreground to the background in a "pathlike" pattern? Grrr it's so hard to explain with words! Come here to Los Angeles and I'll draw it for u lol :)

  3. These are crazy good Mark! Love the mood in each one.
    One little thing from me, I think in few of your pieces, the masses seem to split in 50/50. If that's your intention then that's ok. lol Otherwise, it is awesome!

  4. Cheers for the crits guys, these are all really helpful!
    Yeah, I have the habit of detailing the shit out of everything, cause thats what my client`s ask usually. I really would like to break out from this and thats exactly what I am trying to do with these speedies - balance out the details and handle the focal areas more consciously. Learning a lot with each piece, so hope it leads somewhere... more stuff coming soon! :)