Friday, December 7, 2012


Hi Guys, I am working on a short stroy for graphic novel in Australia, it is self published, by the creator/owner. I just wanted to get involved in a group project while spending so much time working by myself. these are some pieces I did to get my head around the chatachter before starting the pages

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  1. Dude! This is KILLER! :D
    Love the first and third look as well, but somehow it has better proportions on the third one for me. (The second, more graphical look is also good, but the other two just waaaay stronger for this character imo.)
    The only thing what I might do is add some extra light with a Color Dodge layer on top of everything. Not much, just to bring in some more saturation and contrast to create an opposite to all the nice pastel colors and mid-tones.
    Otherwise, great stuff! Can`t wait to see more!