Friday, December 14, 2012

Personal Work

Hey guys, this is my first post. thanks for letting me share my stuff on this blog! Amazing work being done here!!! Here´s a Dino Crisis inspired pic that I have done recently...


  1. Welcome aboard Victor! Awesome first post!
    The only thing I might do is to push back the background with some haze (or light rays coming in from the right or top) behind the t-rex a bit. This could give you an extra depth of space. Just my two cents though... <:)

  2. Yeaaaaa dinos! Love the scale of this piece! Yeah I agree with mark on this one too. Maybe even add more light rays seeping through in between the soldier Abe the Rex! I see I put openings in the top middle so light would deep thru. A quick maybe 20percent of orange/yellow I overlay over the entire piece might give it a cool mood as well :) awesome post man :)