Saturday, December 15, 2012

Creature and Character Stuffz

Yo-yo fellaz, I have done most of these ages ago, but they got green light in the past couple of months. The first three done as race / creature concepts for the world of Locus Origin, an upcoming space opera series and rpg. The indian zombie dude and the blue underwater guy were characters for film pitches and done the last one as a demo for my student...

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  1. Yea1 i remember some of these :p great to hear that some of your old pieces get green lit! I get mine green lit, they always want new ones -___- LOL but a bit of crit is your male characters are a bit bulky, i would get in there and add some muscle separation to accent the anatomy. The bottom character is fine tho :) lol do more characters! I LOOVE seeing characters!