Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mantis - Speedsculpt (wip 02)

Finally had some time to work a bit on this speedsculpt I started ages ago, this is just a super rough test render, but I kind like the direction its heading... :)
I still kinda feel myself like a noob to this hard surface stuff compared to some of you guys, so I am absolutely open, if you have any suggestions or crits.


  1. wow! Your forms on this piece is PERFECT! SPOT ON!! :D you can get like some photo of tanks, bulldozers and stuff to straighten stuff out in the illustration if you want those nice sharp lines and add lights on the mech!! :D Itll look sooo much cooler cuz its sci-fi I assume and cant do sci-fi without sexy lights! lol

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, adding some photo textures is a great idea!
    I still would like to go back and run another round with it in ZBrush first and then back to PS... :)
    Update is coming soon!